Mass Text Message Basic

Mass Text Message Basic is available for FREE and allows users to create one group of 10 recipients, with an option to upgrade to the full version for unlimited groups/recipients and additional functions.

The app contains many of the same great features that have made the full version of Mass Text Message so popular.  Try it for yourself and discover what many users have described as the biggest time saver on the iPhone.

App Description:

Save time with this efficient app for group text messaging.

“Stands out above most other text messaging applications” – Rating 9/10 – The iPhone App Review
“…can make you much more productive over the long run.” – Rating 8.5/10 – iPhone Apps Finder

Create a custom group. Once created, you no longer have to select contacts one-by-one for a group message. Simply tap on the group and send out a text in a matter of seconds.

And, if you need to send the same message again, you can save your text in the ReadyText list to quickly populate your message for another send-out.

This app is a powerful addition to the Messages application already on your iPhone.

This “Basic” version of the Mass Text Message application allows users to create one group of 10 recipients, with an option to upgrade to the full version for unlimited groups/recipients.

Key Features:

-Create custom groups and efficiently add contacts.

-Ease of use: just tap a group name, then type the text

-ReadyText list saves messages for re-use

-Import groups from Contacts

-Manage groups:  add/ delete contacts from a group and add/delete groups

-Select/deselect contact(s) for additional flexibility within a group.

-“Sent” messages appear in Messages history.

-Receive replies in Messages.

-Standard text messaging rates apply.

Key Upgrade Features:

-Import groups from spreadsheets

-Export groups for sharing or backup

Your time is valuable. Take a giant leap forward and simplify your group text messaging.

iMessage: ON
MMS Messaging: ON
Group Messaging:  OFF
See the web site for more information on previous operating systems.

If issues arise, please email
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