More Features Details:

  • One-Touch Launch –  From the main screen, users can launch a blank text message with one touch on their desired group.  Users will typically use this function most often, so it is readily accessible.
  • ReadyText List – Saves messages for re-use.  User can save up to 10 messages.
  • Efficient – The process for adding contacts to a group is streamlined.  With a one or two touch process for adding a contact, it will take a user less time to create a group than it takes to address a text message with the traditional one-by-one process.
  • Import a Group from Contacts – No more adding users one by one.  If you sync your phone with a Mac and already have groups set up in your Address Book, you can easily and quickly import that group.  All contacts with a Mobile or iPhone number will be imported.
  • Export a Group for Sharing – If you would like to share a group with a friend, you can email the group to them.  If they have Mass Text Message, they can easily follow the instructions in the email and import the group.
  • Export a Group for Backup – If you are concerned about losing the groups you have created, email the groups to yourself and keep them stored in your archive.
  • Contact Pictures – If the Contact has a picture, it will appear in the Group list.
  • Select/Deselect Recipients – If you want to temporarily exclude certain group members from the next text message, the user can un-check those recipients in the “Manage Groups” screen.
  • Add/Delete Groups
  • Add/Delete Recipients in Group


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