We have added a new feature to Mass Text Message!  Now, you can import spreadsheets into the app

Tap on the “gear” icon in Mass Text Message.  Tap on the “Import from Spreadsheet” link.  The app will launch a pre-populated email message containing the following instructions and an example spreadsheet file.  Please follow the following instructions:  (extra details are included in red)

Here are the instructions:

1.    Send this email to yourself and download the attached spreadsheet (.CSV) file to your home computer. This is not intended to be a complicated process.  You will simply be using email to transfer the spreadsheet file from your iPhone to the computer that you will use to edit the spreadsheet file.

2.    Open the CSV file in a spreadsheet editor (MS Excel, Numbers)

3.    Using the 3-column format in the example CSV file, add the contact information that you would like to import into Mass Text Message. Phone numbers cannot include any characters besides dashes (-), parentheses (), or periods (.). You may delete the 5 rows of fake contact information.  These are only intended to demonstrate the required format Column A is for First Name, Column B is for Last Name and Column C must contain the Phone Number.  It is not required to paste information into the ImportGroupName.csv file.  You may edit existing files into the same column format and import those files.

4.    When you are finished editing the CSV file, save the file in Comma Separated Values (.CSV) format, but change the file extension to “.mtmx”.  An example file name would be “GroupName.mtmx” or “Friends.mtmx”

A.  To save the file properly in Microsoft Excel, choose “Save As…” in the File menu.  The format should be Comma Separated Values (.csv).  Type “groupname.mtmx” in the Save As line at the top.  Remember where you are saving the file, because you will need to attach the file to an email in the next step.

B.  To save the file in Numbers, choose “Export” from the File menu.  Choose CSV at the top of the dialogue box.  The type of CSV is irrelevant.  Save the file to your location of choice.  After saving the file, find the file in a Finder window.  Click on the file name twice to edit the file name, then change the file extension to “.mtmx”.

5.    Reply to the original email (See Step 1) and attach the edited CSV file from Step 4.  Send the email back to the email address that is connected to your iPhone.

6.    Open the Mail app on on your iPhone and find the email that you just sent.  Tap and hold on the file attachment until the action sheet appears, then tap Open in MassTextMsg. The file will be imported.  Please be patient when importing large files.  It may appear that the app is frozen, but it is simply working.  A file containing 250 contacts could take up to 25 seconds to import. 


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