Having problems sending your mass text?

Step 1:  Check your settings.  Open the Settings app and tap on the Messages section.  Adjust your settings to:

iOS8 Messages Settings:

iMessage:  ON           (For large groups, you can turn off iMessage for faster performance)

MMS Messaging:  ON

Send as SMS:  ON

Group Messaging:  OFF

Batch Mode:  OFF – This function was only necessary on iOS7.


iOS7 Required Settings:

For groups smaller than 20(iPhone 5/5s) or 10 (iPhone 4/4s):

  • iMessage: ON   (Exception:  turn off iMessage if all the recipients are iMessage users and you do NOT want a “chat” session)
  • MMS:  ON
  • Group Messaging:  OFF

For groups larger than 20(iPhone 5/5s) or 10 (iPhone 4/4s):

  • iMessage: OFF
  • MMS:  OFF
  • Group Messaging:  OFF

iOS6 Required Settings:
iMessage:  ON
MMS Messaging:  ON
Group Messaging:  OFF

If you don’t know which operating system you are using, please open the Settings app, tap General, tap About, then find the Version number.  If it starts with 8, then you are running iOS8.  If it starts with 7, then you are running iOS7.

Step 2:  Reset your phone.  To reset your phone, hold down the On/Off/Sleep button for a few seconds.  A slide bar will appear to turn off the phone.  Turn it off, wait a few seconds, then hold down the top button until the phone begins booting up (Apple logo appears on the screen).  A reset will solve any random problems.

Other questions?  See the FAQ section of the web site.


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